Viewpoint Behaviour Consulting offers a variety of services from Consulting to 1:1 Behaviour Intervention. It is important that the 

needs of the child/youth are met with the service that works best for them. Every program is individualized to 

allow for a flexible, natural and holistic approach to learning. 

Behaviour Consulting

Providing support to families and communities including schools, daycares and pre-schools to aid in the development of inclusive programs for children/youth. 

Social Skills Groups

Implementing models such as PEERSĀ®,  Friendship TrainingĀ®, or  Social ThinkingĀ®,  children/youth have the opportunity to learn new skills and make connections in social groups.

Behaviour Intervention 

1:1 support is provided using intervention models that are the best fit for the child/youth's needs. Collaboration with families is recommended to aid in the development and/or progression of functional life skills. 

What Families are Saying

Allison Hexter provided superb services to my family. That's right, all of us. From attending IEP meetings to giving my husband and I the right language and walking us through how to access resources, she trained us to be effective advocates for our child. Allison met our child with warmth and genuine interest and easily forged the relationship that is so critical to the success of working with an individual who has autism. Allison has an endless repertoire of ideas and techniques that she was very willing to share and help our family and support team to implement. I feel our family met Allison at just the right time and was so positively impacted by her care and effort with us that she really turned our daughter's diagnosis from a tragedy to overcome into an important journey in learning and acceptance and we are all better for it. Thank you, Allison!

The Menzel Family

Allison Hexter has been such an amazing support for our family. When you have a child who is diagnosed with autism there is so much fear and unknown. Having Allison with her first hand experience with autism helping 

us navigate through finding therapies to accessing funding all the while supporting us as parents. 

Allison was always able to make our daughter feel safe, secure and understood. 

We really appreciate everything Allison has been able to offer our family. Thanks Allison.

The Mattson's

I've known Allison Hexter for six years and in that time, she has become a significant role model in my children's lives. She is a person who engages with every child, youth and adult she meets. She asks questions, supports people seeking out 

opportunities and makes everyone feel important. Her defining qualities include but are not limited to 

her understanding for empathy, ability to seek out knowledge to help all those around her, 

determination and her identification for inclusion.

 T. Slack